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  • Technical research and analysis
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Project #1


  • Project title: Development of cloud and remote sensing based timber volume estimation and forest inventory system.
  • Project content: We want to development a cloud-based service that results in a cost-effective logging process that can be used effectively by both public and private forest management organizations and companies.
  • Beneficiary: Pannónia Commercial and Service Ltd.
  • Planned completion date of the project: 31/08/2018

Project #2


  • Project title: ADvanced FOREST Forest Inventory System Development of software tools for processing high-density LIDAR point clouds and photographs to produce forest inventory data
  • Project content: Development of algorithms and software prototype to extract primary (position, diameter, tree height) and secondary (branch-clear trunk, curvature, deadwood, regeneration) single tree characteristics from point clouds and to determine tree species using image information.
  • Beneficiary: StrateGIS Ltd.
  • Planned duration of the project: 05.05.2020. - 04.05.2022.

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